The Imagery Of Gary Lyn Dansereau II
The Imagery Of Gary Lyn Dansereau II



DLA Document Services fully successful job performance rating: (Highest level)

Designed new logo/branding for Document Service Online: Defense Logistics Agency Document Services online ordering portal

Awarded 1st place and Best of Class, photo-essay category San Diego County Fair

Awarded 1st place, color photography category San Diego County Fair

Awarded 1st place, creative photography category San Diego County Fair

Awarded 2nd place, black & white photography category San Diego County Fair

Awarded full scholarship, summer program Academy of Art, San Francisco

Presenter at "Binacoms'' - A Global Village in the Digital Age" Southwestern College

Work Experience

Freelance Graphic Designer {2000 - present}

I have worked with a variety of client types on various projects primarily in the realm of print design, including: magazine / newspaper ads, book design, product packaging, identity {including logo, stationary, business card, brochure, and signage design}, poster, CD, and various other promotional designs.

Freelance photographer {primarily fashion and commercial} {2000 - present}

I have worked with a variety of client types on commercial product shoots, fashion shoots, and portrait/head shots. I have full working knowledge and experience with 35mm, 120mm, large format and digital cameras, I also have full working knowledge and experience with various lighting equipment in studio and location environments. Additionally, I have a full working knowledge in B&W and color darkroom environments and printing techniques.

Graphic Designer 1 / Epiq {January 2019 - present}

Epiq is worldwide provider of legal services, serving law firms, corporations, financial institutions and government agencies, its goal is helping to streamline the administration of business operations, class action and mass tort, court reporting, eDiscovery, regulatory, compliance,restructuring, and bankruptcy matters. As a Graphic Designer my role is to assist in the design and implementation of various informational mailers and informational’s that Epiq provides for its client base for class action, mass tort or various other legal informational design needed for day to day operations.

In-house Graphic Designer / GuideSpark {Contract - August 2018 – November 2018}

I was responsible for the updating and or redesigning of existing templets with current information needed for the OE or “Open Health Enrollment” periods for various companies. In addition to making all copy and design readable it was my responsibility to meet all design requirements for each individual client based on the design specifications or Design Briefs created for said clients to meet corporate standards. In addition to working within a team of graphic designers, the job entailed working with writers, sales representatives and producers that controlled daily design scheduling and quality control. These designs where completed under very strict time-lines based of the producer’s schedule for roles outs of products. Design products differed for each client but consisted of both print and digital materials varying on the packages that the various company purchased for the 2018 enrollment period. In addition to contract responsibilities I was also part of the creation and design of a new product line (Modern Style) for future OE and product roll-outs.

Electronic Duplicating System Technician / Defense Logistics Agency Document Services (Division of the Department of Defense) {2008 -2017}

I was responsible for all printing and product creations through various production printers from large to small format, additional services include the scanning and digital archival of documents, ranging from classified to historical documents for preservation. As the sole Graphic Designer for the Bangor office group, in addition to advising customers on design requirements and the best way to achieve the requested product I was responsible for the creation and design of various documents ranging from classified documents to standardized forms and books to promotional items such as posters, brochures, invitations, booklets, and marketing materials. When working with clients I determine the most appropriate method of printing production and specification for items being requested. Additional duties include digital color proofing to ensure product adheres to given specifications, initiation of print orders, development and implementation of all printing schedules on ordered work. In addition to my position duties, I was the sole employee for our Clackamas OR location. Duties include being responsible for all facility needs including ordering of office supplies, budgeting, maintaining relations and services with vendors, service technicians, information technology (network specialists) and all other various day to day operations.

Xerox Docucare Associate / XBS / Hillsboro School District {2004 –2008}

I was responsible for maintaining over 30 Xerox high volume production printers, digital color production printing systems and front end color servers, including both networked and non-networked office printers that run over 30ppm for the Hillsboro School District. Responsible for maintenance {both preventive and on-call mechanical and digital repairs} of reprographic equipment by weekly maintenance, including ordering, changing and maintaining proper stocks of supplies and repairing mechanical issues when they arise. Also responsible for first client contact, monthly billing, and preparing quarterly account reviews {AR’s} for Xerox contract managements meetings with client.

Xerox Account Associate / ASR / Floater {2003 – 2004}

I was responsible for primary backup for major graphic design and production workflow at various accounts. {Including: Pacific Core, Freightliner, Portland Public Schools, Mentor Graphics, and Precision Cast Parts.} Also responsible for maintaining Xerox high volume production printers, and related software, I.E. gather client requirements for electronic document design and printing products, setup, operate and maintain networked digital color production printing systems and front end color servers. Read and interpret job specifications, manage print job queues (electronic and physical) and perform color calibration using densitometers for CMYK color adjustments. Provide preventive maintenance of reprographic equipment by cleaning equipment and changing supplies when needed by product specifications.

 Lab Technician / Flash Pro {2003 – 2004}

Flash Pro is a seasonal / special event photography service – clients include the Portland Marathon and Santa Land at Myer & Frank {pioneer square PDX) I was responsible for the developing of color negatives and printing of all photographs taken at Myer & Frank’s Santa land, this included quality checks on all pictures before going out to the customer, handling reprints on customer orders, the mixing and disposal of all photographic chemicals and waste, the break down and storage of all photographic machinery at the end of the season.

In-House Designer for Chloe Creative Services / CCS {2002 - 2003}

Chloe creative services was a small firm in San Diego Ca, (no longer in business) catering to musical groups, bands, fashion models, and local boutiques Specializing in photography, video production and design of promotional materials for said clients. I was responsible for photography and cinematography of models and various clients, including studio and location photography for models and bands, I.E. head shots and band liner note portraits, was also responsible for filming {DV8, Hi-8} bands and actor / actress readings for later production and editing into promotional DVD videos. Responsible for design of packaging for CD’s / DVD’s, model tear sheets, promotional flyers, news letters, logo / band identity and other various products or promotional materials needed or requested by the various clients.

 Photography Assistant for Stephen Simpson {stock photographer} {2001- 2003}

I was responsible for the staging, and break down of various lighting equipment, including hot bulbs and strobe lighting systems, was also responsible for taking light meter readings on various models or product shoots, the loading of film on various cameras including 35mm, 120mm and large format and giving that information and equipment to Mr. Simpson when directed. Other responsibilities included client and model contact, scheduling and other various tasks required.


Bachelors Degree in Arts and Letters, Portland State University 2018

Associates Degree in Graphic Design, San Diego City College 2002

Associates Degree in Photography, San Diego City College 2002